PHP-Syslog update: admin mode

2008-01-01 00:00:00

At $CLIENT I've built a centralised logging environment based on Syslog-ng, combined with MySQL. To make any useful from all the data going into the database we use PHP-syslog-ng. However, I've found a bit of a flaw with that software: any account you create has the ability to add, remove or change other accounts... Which kinda makes things insecure.

So yesterday was spent teaching myself PHP and MySQL to such a degree that I'd be able to modify the guy's source code. In the end I managed to bolt on some sort of "admin-mode" which allows you to set an "admin" flag on certain user accounts (thus giving them the capabilities mentioned above).

The updated PHP files can be found in the TAR-ball in the menu of the Sysadmin section. The only thing you'll need to do to make things work is to either:

  1. Re-create your databases using the dbsetup.sql script.
  2. Add the "admin" column to the "users" table using the following command. ALTER TABLE users ADD COLUMN baka BOOLEAN;

The update is available as a .TAR file. Get it over here. tags: , ,

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