Nagios script: check_cnr

2009-09-14 22:05:00

This script is used to monitor the basic processes that go with Cisco's CNR (Network Registrar), which can be likened to a DHCP server. Cisco's Support Wiki described CNR as follows:

Cisco CNS Network Registrar is a full-featured DNS/DHCP system that provides scalable naming and addressing services for service provider and enterprise networks. Cisco CNS Network Registrar dramatically improves the reliability of naming and addressing services for enterprise networks. For cable ISPs, Cisco CNS Network Registrar provides scalable DNS and DHCP services and forms the basis of a DOCSIS cable modem provisioning system.

As said my script only checks the basics of CNR to ensure that the required daemons are running. It does not actually check any of the functionality, though at a later point in time it may be expanded to include this.

Usage of check_cnr

./check_cnr [-nagios|-tivoli] [-d -o FILE]
-nagios	Nagios output mode (default)
-tivoli	Tivoli output mode
-d	Debug mode
-o 	Output file for debug logging


Depending on which mode you've selected the output of the script will differ slightly.

In Tivoli mode the output will be limited to a numerical value as the script is to be used as a "numeric script". 0 = OK, 1 = WARNING/UNKNOWN, 2= SEVERE. The exit code of the script will be identical to this value.

In Nagios mode the exit code of the script will be be similar to Tivoli's, with the exception that the value 3 portrays an unknown state. The output on stdout includes the service name and state (CNR OK/NOK) and a helpful error message.



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