boks_set_passwd.ksh - Quick and dirty script to set a password

2010-01-11 17:32:00

Sometimes you're in a hurry and need to set a new, random password on an account. Don't feel your random banging the keyboard is random enough? Then use this script instead.

Usage of boks_set_passwd

./boks_set_passwd.ksh [HGROUP|HOST]:USER

./boks_set_passwd.ksh SUN:thomas
./boks_set_passwd.ksh solaris2:root


Three fields get echoed to stdout: the username, the password and the encrypted password string (should you ever need it).



Download boks_set_passwd.ksh
$ wc boks_set_passwd.ksh 
      92     389    2369 boks_set_passwd.ksh

$ cksum boks_set_passwd.ksh 
2167470539 2369 boks_set_passwd.ksh tags: , ,

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