Check_boks_replication - Script for monitoring BoKS database replication

2010-03-16 21:43:00

In a BoKS infrastructure the master server automatically distributes database updates to its replicas. BoKS provides the admin with a number of ways to verify the proper functioning of these replicas, but none of these is easily hooked into monitoring software.

This script makes use of the following methods to verify infra sanity. * boksdiag list, to verify if replicas are reachable. * boksdiag sequence, to verify if a replica's database is up to date. * dumpbase -tN | wc -l, to verify the actual files on the replicas.

Usage of check_boks_replication

./check_boks_replication [-l LAG] [-h HOST] [-n] [-d -o FILE]
-l LAG		Maximum amount of updates for a replica table to be behind on.
		Typically this should not be over 50. Default is 30.
-h HOST		Hostname of individual replica to verify.
-x EXCLUDE	Hostname of replica to exclude.
-p		Disable the use of ping in connection testing, in case of firewalls.
-n		Dry-run mode. Will only return an OK status.
-d		Debug mode. Use with dry-run mode to test Tivoli.
-o FILE		Output file for debugging logs. Required when -d is used.
Example: ./check_boks_sequence -l 20 -d -o /tmp/foobar

Multiple -h and -x parameters are allowed.


This script is meant to be called as a Tivoli numeric script. Hence both the output and the exit code are a single digit. Please configure your numeric script calls accordingly:

0 = OK



Download check_boks_replication.ksh
$ wc check_boks_replication.ksh
     570    2668   17878 check_boks_replication.ksh

$ cksum check_boks_replication.ksh
4063571181 17878 check_boks_replication.ks tags: , ,

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