Nagios script: check_nfs_stale

2006-06-01 00:00:00

This script was written at the time I was hired by KPN i-Diensten. It is reproduced/shared here with their permission.

There really isn't much to say... This script is so fscking basic that it shames me to even put it up here among all the other projects

# NFS stale mounts monitor plugin for Nagios
# Written by Thomas Sluyter (nagiosATkilalaDOTnl)
# By request of KPN-IS, i-Provide, the Netherlands
# Last Modified: 13-07-2006
# Usage: ./check_nfs_stale
# Description:
# This script couldn't be simpler than it is. It just checks to see
# whether there are any stale NFS mounts present on the system. 
# Limitations:
#   This script should work properly on all implementations of Linux, Solaris
# and Mac OS X.
# Output:
# If there are stale NFS mounts, a CRIT is issued.

# You may have to change this, depending on where you installed your
# Nagios plugins


print_usage() {
	echo "Usage: $PROGNAME"
	echo "Usage: $PROGNAME --help"

print_help() {
	echo ""
	echo ""
	echo "NFS stale mounts monitor plugin for Nagios"
	echo ""
	echo "This plugin not developped by the Nagios Plugin group."
	echo "Please do not e-mail them for support on this plugin, since"
	echo "they won't know what you're talking about :P"
	echo ""
	echo "For contact info, read the plugin itself..."

while test -n "$1" 
	case "$1" in
	  --help) print_help; exit $STATE_OK;;
	  -h) print_help; exit $STATE_OK;;
	  *) print_usage; exit $STATE_UNKNOWN;;

[ `df -k | grep "Stale NFS file handle" | wc -l` -gt 0 ] && (echo "NOK - Stale NFS mounts."; exit $STATE_CRITICAL)

# Nothing caused us to exit early, so we're okay.
echo "OK - No stale NFS mounts."
exit $STATE_OK tags: , , ,

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