Check_boks_dormant.ksh: Finding unused and inactive user accounts

2010-03-16 22:02:00

Users come and users go and likewise user accounts get created and destroyed. However, sometimes your HR-processes fail and accounts get forgotten and left behind. It may not be obvious, but these forgotten accounts can actually form a threat to your security and should be cleaned up. Many companies even go out and lock or remove accounts of people who actively employed if they go unused for an extended period of time.

This script will help you find these forgotten user accounts, so you can then decide what to do with them.

Usage of check_boks_dormant

./check_boks_dormant [[-u UC] [-H HG] [-h HOST] | -A] [-M MON] [-x UC] [-X HG]  [-d -o FILE] [-f FILE]

-u UCLASS	Check only accounts with profile UCLASS. Multiple -u entries allowed.
-H HGROUP	Check only accounts from HOSTGROUP. Multiple -H entries allowed.
-h HOST		Check ALL accounts involved with HOST. Multiple -h entries allowed.
-A 		Check ALL user accounts.
-M MON		Minimum amount of months that accounts must be dormant. Default is 6.
-x EXCLUDEUC	Exclude all accounts with profile UCLASS. Multiple -x entries allowed.
-X EXCLUDEHG	Exclude all accounts from HOSTGROUP. Multiple -X entries allowed.
-S 		Exclude all accounts who can authenticate with SSH_PK. See "other notes" below.
-f FILE		Log file that contains all dormant accounts. Default logs into $BOKS_var.
-d 		Debug mode. Provides error logging. 
-o FILE		Output file for debugging logs. Required when -d is passed.

When using the -h option, a list will be made of all user accounts involved with this server
regardless of user class or host group. One can exclude certain classes or groups by using
the -x and -X parameters.

./check_boks_dormant.ksh -h solaris1 -x RootUsers -x DataTransfer
./check_boks_dormant.ksh -u OracleDBA
./check_boks_dormant.ksh -A -d -o /tmp/foobar


The script does not output to stdout. Instead, all dormant accounts are logged in $BOKS_var/check_boks_dormant.ksh.DATE or another file specified with -f.

The log file in $BOKS_var (or specified with -f) will contain a list of inactive accounts.


Other notes


Download check_boks_dormant.ksh
$ wc check_boks_dormant.ksh
     482    2559   17139 check_boks_dormant.ksh

$ cksum check_boks_dormant.ksh
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