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2009-08-27 08:20:00

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Users and administrators of the BoKS Access Control software seem to be spread out quite thinly across the globe. Most companies that employ BoKS are quite large, but there's only a few in each country that actually do so. So far, to my knowledge, the Netherlands only has one multinational using BoKS with two others considering an implementation of their own.

Since there isn't very much BoKS information available on the web I thought I'd create a users group on LinkedIn. is a great site for maintaining your professional network and for keeping in touch with colleagues both old and new. Hence it's also a nice and easy way to set up a discussion board for professionals.

I'm very curious to see if we can entice BoKS admins from countries other than the Netherlands to join. It'd be great if we could set up discussions between users across the globe. Maybe we could even coordinate feature requests and bug reports to lighten the load on FoxT and to make sure the really important requests get handled first.

Spreading information about BoKS on the web

Slowly but surely we are working on making more information about BoKS available through the Internet. Friends and colleagues have started writing tutorials and case studies, which (by providence of Google) should turn up when people search for Information.

Below you'll find a list of the efforts I've tracked down so far. tags: , ,

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