Check_boks_queues: Tracking the status of your BoKS clntd queues

2010-01-13 06:33:00

Every time a BoKS client becomes unreachable the master server will retain updates for this client in a queue. Over time this queue will continue to grow, containing all manner of updates to /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and so forth. Without these updates the client will become out of date and known-good passwords will stop working. You could lose access to the root account if you don't keep a history of the previous passwords!

This simple Tivoli plugin will warn you of any client queues that exceed a certain size or age, with both thresholds adjustable from the command line.

Usage of check_boks_queues

./check_boks_queues [-m MESS] [-a AGE] [-d -o FILE] [-f FILE]

-m MESS		Threshold for amount of messages. Default is 40 messages.
-a AGE		Threshold for age of client queue. Default is 24 hours.
-f FILE		Log file that queues that are over threshold. Default logs into $BOKS_var.
-d 		Debug mode. Provides error logging. 
-o FILE		Output file for debugging logs. Required when -d is passed.

The -a parameter requires BoKS 6.5.x. It DOES NOT work in 6.0.x and older versions.

./check_boks_queues -m 50 -f /tmp/over50.txt
./check_boks_queues -a 168 -f /tmp/oneweek.txt


This script is meant to be called as a Tivoli numeric script. Hence both the output and the exit code are a single digit. Please configure your numeric script calls accordingly:

The log file in $BOKS_var (or specified with -f) will contain a list of queues that are stuck.



Download check_boks_queues.ksh
BoKS > wc check_boks_queues.ksh
     299    1413    9307 check_boks_queues.ksh
BoKS > cksum check_boks_queues.ksh
1047961426      9307    check_boks_queues.ksh tags: , ,

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