BoKS_safe_dump - Script for making BoKS database dumps

2009-09-11 15:30:00

From time to time one will need a BoKS database dump that includes all the tables, but is limited to one or two specific applications. For example, one could be migrating an application or hostgroup to another BoKS domain. Or one might be performing a security audit on a specific group of servers.

This script will make a dump of all BoKS information relevant to a set of specified servers or host groups. It will strip the password information for all accounts (for obvious security reasons).

Usage of boks_safe_dump

./SafeDump.ksh [-g HOSTGROUP] [-h HOST | -f FILE] [-p] -d DIRECTORY
-g HOSTGROUP	Hostgroup to dump the BoKS information for. Multiple allowed.
-h HOST		Host to dump the BoKS information for. Multiple allowed.
-f FILE		List of hostnames to dump the BoKS information for. 
-p		Disable hiding of account passwords for non-root accounts.
-d DIRECTORY  	Location to store the output files.

$PROGNAME -f /tmp/hostlist -d /tmp/BOKSdump
$PROGNAME -g HG_APP1 -g HG_APP3 -d /tmp/BOKSdump
$PROGNAME -g HG_APP1 -h HOST1 -h HOST5 -d /tmp/BOKSdump


The script creates a new directory (indicated with the -d flag) which will contain a number of files called tableN. "N" in this case refers to the relevant table from the BoKS database. The following tables are dumped.

01. Contains all user accounts.
02. Binds access routes to individual users.
06. Contains all host information.
07. Binds host groups to hosts.
09. Binds hosts to host groups (reverse of table 9).
15. Binds IP address to hostname (reverse of table 6).
16. Binds access routes to user classes.
17. Contains all user classes.
31. Contains SSH settings for individual users.
47. Contains all Unix groups.
48. Binds secondary Unix groups to individual users.
49. Binds user accounts to user classes.



Download boks_safe_dump.ksh
thomas$ wc boks_safe_dump.ksh
380    1462   10781 boks_safe_dump.ksh

thomas$ cksum boks_safe_dump.ksh
3833439207 10781 boks_safe_dump.ksh tags: , ,

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