Integrating your applications with FoxT BoKS

2010-02-11 09:16:00

BoKS provides you with an open architecture, allowing you to integrate BoKS access control with your own applications. The easiest way to do this is by using Pluggable Authentiation Modules (PAM), provided that PAM is available for your operating system of choice. Aside from PAM one could also make use of the APIs provided by FoxT, though I personally don't have experience with that option.

PAM example: using ProFTPd with BoKS

Recently we needed to get FTP up and running on a system that previously only used SCP/SFTP. However, the Solaris-default FTP daemon was never installed, nor does the BoKS package for Solaris include the BoKS FTP daemon. This left us with a few options, including the installation of ProFTPd.

Simply installing and running ProFTPd would leave us with an unsecured system: anybody would be able to login, because BoKS does not yet have any grip on the daemon. Luckily, the integration with BoKS was very easy, thanks to PAM.

  1. Add the following to proftpd.conf:
    <IfModule mod_auth_pam.c>
    AuthPAM on
    AuthOrder mod_auth_unix.c mod_auth_pam.c*
  2. In the same proftpd.conf set "UseIPv6" to "off". (Why?)
  3. Restart proFTPd.

It's that simple. Now, let's take a look at what's needed if you don't use an existing access method.

Integrating an application with a new access method

Each application that makes use of PAM will send an identifier to PAM. For example, most FTP daemons will either identify themselves as "ftp" or "ftpd". You will need to edit /etc/pam.conf..ssm (the pam.conf file used when you run sysreplace replace) and add a set of rules for this new PAM identifier. Usually it's enough to take the ruleset defined for FTP and then to adjust the identifier to your own.

Once your pam.conf has been modified, you need to add a new entry to $BOKS_etc/bokspam.conf that ties the new PAM identifier to a BoKS access method. You are free to choose your own method string, as long as it doesn't already exist in $BOKS_etc/method.conf. For applications that simply take an incoming network request it's easiest to copy the line for FTP and set it to your new application.

On the master+replicas and the BoKS clients in question you will finally need to edit $BOKS_etc/method.conf. There you will define the format of access routes for this new method, as well as any modifiers that you desire.

And to my knowledge that's it!

  1. App points to PAM
  2. PAM points to BoKS
  3. bokspam.conf points to access method
  4. method.conf defines access method tags: , ,

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