Check_boks_ssmactive: Script to verify client BoKS security

2010-01-10 21:44:00

The check_boks_client script checks many different things on a per-client basis. That particular script needs to run locally on the client itself. This script, check_boks_ssmactive, is meant to do one quick check on a clients, from the master server. The only thing it checks is whether BoKS security is actually active on the client, which is rather important!

By running this script from the master server you can blanket your whole domain in one blow.

Usage of check_boks_ssmactive

./check_boks_ssmactive [[-h HOST] [-H HG] [-i FILE] | -A] [-x HOST] [-X HG]  [-d -o FILE] [-f FILE]

-h HOST		Verify the root password for HOST. Multiple -h entries allowed.
-H HGROUP	Verify the root passwords for HOST GROUP. Multiple -H entries allowed.
-i FILE		Verify the root passwords for all hosts in FILE.
-A 		Verify the root passwords for ALL hosts.
-x EXCLUDE	Hosts to exclude (when using -H or -A). Multiple -x entries allowed.
-X EXCLUDEHG	Host groups to exclude (when using -A). Multiple -X entries allowed.
-f FILE		Log file that lists errors in root password files. Default logs into $BOKS_var.
-d 		Debug mode. Provides error logging. Does a dry-run, not doing any updates.
-o FILE		Output file for debugging logs. Required when -d is passed.

./check_boks_ssmactive.ksh -h HOST1 -h HOST2 -f $BOKS_var/BOKSdisabled.txt
./check_boks_ssmactive.ksh -A -d -o /tmp/foobar

Multiple -h, -H, -i, -x and -X parameters are allowed.


This script is meant to be called as a Tivoli numeric script. Hence both the output and the exit code are a single digit. Please configure your numeric script calls accordingly:

0 = OK, everything OK or clients unreachable.
1 = WARNING, an wrong parameter was entered.
2 = SEVERE, one or more hosts are NOT secure. Check log file.
3 = CRITICAL, not used.

The log file in $BOKS_var (or specified with -f) will contain a list of hosts that have BoKS disabled.



Download check_boks_ssmactive.ksh
$ wc check_boks_ssmactive.ksh 
     440    2041   13544 check_boks_ssmactive.ksh

$ cksum check_boks_ssmactive.ksh 
3734761991 13544 check_boks_ssmactive.ks tags: , ,

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