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Two days of training

2006-10-17 19:38:00

Monday and Tuesday were not spent with the usual Nagios project in Amersfoort. Instead, I spent two days cooped up in a small hotel, somewhere in the Achterhoek (for my foreign visitors: one of the Netherlands' rural, backwater areas). It was time well spent, on a inter-personal communications course from CCCM.

While originally quite sceptic, the course turned out fine. About halfway Monday things took a course that made me decide that their approach might not fit my preferences, but half an hour later I also decided that _sticking_ with the course would help me in achieving one of my goals: learning to play my cards close to my chest and not letting a group of people on to my emotions regarding a subject. So even though the course may not be 100% up my alley, I may as well take the time to get some practice in :)

Anywho... November and January will see two additional training days, with a few personal talks at the CCCM office thrown in as well. tags: , , ,

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Off to Germania I go!

2006-09-19 21:13:00

The next few days I'll be in Germania... Nurnberg, to be precise.

Together with around eighty other Nagios administrators and experts I'll be attending the first, annual Nagios Conference. Over the course of two days, we'll get a chance to meet up together, exchange ideas and generally have a go at improving both Nagios and our knowledge of the software. I'm looking forward to it quite a lot.

Maybe I'll even meet up with a few of the mailing list members :) I'll bring the camera and I'll try to snap a few quick pics. tags: , , ,

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Attending the SANE 2006 conference

2006-05-18 14:31:00

Thought I'd give you a little update from SANE'06. I'll keep it short, since there isn't a horrible lot to tell.

* Monday: Linux SysAd course was cancelled so me and Frank switched over to the IPSec course. This was 100% new material to me and (while boring at times) it was quite interesting. Now I'll at least know what people are talking about.

* Tuesday: The Solaris SMF tutorial was well worth the money, although a full day would've suited the material -much- better than half a day. In the AM I decided to crash the BSD Packet Filter tutorial and I guess the tutor should be happy I did. He had some trouble with the Powerbook used for the presentation and I was able to resolve his problems :)

* Wednesday: A full day of CF Engine, which was -totally- worth the money! Mark Burgess is an awesome speaker! Funny, smart and capable of conveying the heart of the matter I'd have loved to have this guy as a teacher in college!

* Thursday: As I suspected the conference itself is quite "meh". A few interesting speeches throughout the day, but I'm mostly taking things slowly. Instead I'm reading a bit in my new books. Unfortunately I slept -horribly- last night, so I'll be skipping the Social Event in the evening. :( tags: , , , ,

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Travelling to SANE 2006 in Delft.

2006-05-15 18:17:00

The next few days I'll be cooped up in a hotel in Delft with my colleague Frank. We'll be visiting the Sane 2006 conference, which is a combination of vacation and studying. The first three days will consist of tutorials, with the remaining two being filled with various talks and keynotes. Should anyone feel the need to hook up with me, I'll be taking the following lectures:

* Monday = Linux system administration

* Tuesday = The Solaris service management facility

* Wednesday = Host configuration and maintenance with CFEngine

* Naturally we'll also be attending the Social Event on Thursday.

Just look for the guy with the funky iBook and the Snow t-shirt. <3 tags: , , ,

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