Two days of training

2006-10-17 19:38:00

Monday and Tuesday were not spent with the usual Nagios project in Amersfoort. Instead, I spent two days cooped up in a small hotel, somewhere in the Achterhoek (for my foreign visitors: one of the Netherlands' rural, backwater areas). It was time well spent, on a inter-personal communications course from CCCM.

While originally quite sceptic, the course turned out fine. About halfway Monday things took a course that made me decide that their approach might not fit my preferences, but half an hour later I also decided that _sticking_ with the course would help me in achieving one of my goals: learning to play my cards close to my chest and not letting a group of people on to my emotions regarding a subject. So even though the course may not be 100% up my alley, I may as well take the time to get some practice in :)

Anywho... November and January will see two additional training days, with a few personal talks at the CCCM office thrown in as well. tags: , , ,

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