Installing additional locales on Tru64

2007-11-28 10:48:00

Wow, that was a fight :/

A few days ago we had a "new" TruCluster installed, running Tru64 5.1b. All of the stuff on it was plain vanilla, which meant that we were bound to run into some trouble. Case in point: the EMC/Legato Networker installation.

Upon installation setld complained as follows:


Your choice:

1 LGTOCLNT999 EMC NetWorker Client

cannot be installed as required subset IOSWWEURLOC??? is not available.


As the name suggests (EURLOC) the missing files involve the additional European locales that are not part of the default installation.

After fighting and searching and swearing a lot I got things sorted out as follows:

1. Get the Tru64 CD-ROM that was used for the installation. You'll need the "Associated Products 1" CD.

2. Insert the CD into your system.

3. Mount the CD: mount -r /dev/disk/cdrom1c /mnt

4. cd /mnt/Worldwide_Language_Support/kit

5. setld -l `pwd` IOSWWEURLOC540

This will install the locale I needed. Of course you are free to substitute the names of other locales as well.


Also, feel free to read through the proper instructions. tags: , , ,

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