Sun Fire V890: pretty, but with a nasty flaw

2007-07-17 10:12:00

The ports section of the V890.

Oy vey! One of the folks on the Sun Fire V890 must've been mesjoge! Why else would you decided to make such a weird design decision?!

What's up? I'll tell you what's up!

For some reason the design team decided to throw out the RJ45 console port that's been a Sun standard for nigh on ten years. And what did they replace it with? A DB25 port commonly seen in the Mesozoic Era! Good lord! This left me stranded without the proper cable for this morning's installation (thankfully I could borrow one). However, it also requires us to get completely new and different cables for our Cyclades console server!

Bad Sun! How could you make such a silly decision?! tags: , , , ,

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