I've never liked HP-UX that much ...

2007-02-21 12:47:00

I've never been overly fond of HP-UX, mostly sticking to Solaris and Mac OS X, with a few outings here and there. Given the nature of one of my current projects however, I am forced to delve into HP's own flavour of Unix.

You see, I'm building a script that will retrieve all manner of information regarding firmware levels, driver versions and such so we can start a networkwide upgrade of our SAN infrastructure. With most OSes I'm having a fairly easy time, but HP-UX takes the cake when it comes to being backwards :[

You see, if I want to find out the firmware level for a server running HP-UX I have two choices:

1. Reboot the system and check the firmware revision from the boot prompt.

2. Use the so-called Support Tools Manager utility, called [x,m,c]stm.

CSTM is the command line interface to STM and thank god that it's scriptable. In reality the binary is a CLI menu driven system, but it takes an input file for your commands.

For those who would like to retrieve their firmware version automatically, here's how:


Uhm... FSCK! *growl* *snarl* What the heck is this?! For some screwed up reason my shell keeps on adding a NewLine char after the output of each command. That way a variable which gets its value from a string of commands will always be "$VALUE ". WTF?! o_O

I'm going to have to bang on this one a little more. More info later.

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