Using the 3XC soft-phone through RDP (Linux and Windows)

2020-12-05 22:59:00

In order to simulate a "work-from-home" (WFH) situation in the lab, I'm very happy to test the 3CX web client. Their webapp supports a lot of the productivity features you'd expect and works with a browser extension (Edge and Chrome) to make actual calls. No need to install a soft-phone application, just grab the browser extension!

The RDP protocol supports the redirection of various types of hardware, including audio input and output. This requires that you enable this for your target host (or in general), for example in Royal TSX you would edit the RDP connection, go to Properties > Redirection and put a check in the box for Record audio from this computer. Also select Bring audio to this computer.

With a Windows target host it'll now work without a hassle.

Linux is a different story, but that's because the xRDP daemon needs a little massaging. Specifically, you will need to build a module or two extra for PulsaAudio. This isn't something you can easily "apt install", but the steps are simple enough. Full documentation over here.

After building and installing the modules, you'll need to logout and log back in. After that playing audio works and PulseAudio will have detected your system's microphone as well. tags: , ,

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