Chocolatey Git on Windows: where is my SSH configuration?!

2020-11-10 19:52:00

For a while now, I've been using Git + SSH on Windows 10 and I've been very content about the whole setup.

Git was installed using Chocolatey, just because it's easy and takes care of a few things for you. But it turns out it was a little bit "too much" in the background, as it turns out. 

I wanted to move my SSH files (private key, known_hosts etc) to OneDrive, thus changing the path to the files. I just couldn't figure out where the SSH client configuration for the Git from Chocolatey was tucked away. This Git does not use the default OpenSSH client delivered by Windows 10 C:\windows\system32\OpenSSH\ssh.

An hour of searching made me realize that "git.install", the package from Choco, includes a mini-Unix-like environment. It's not Git on Windows: it runs on MINGW-W64

I found the following files, which define the behavior of the Choco-installed Git + SSH:

In the latter file, you can set UserKnownHostsFile and IdentityFile to set the file path for the private key and known_hosts. tags: , ,

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