As promised: adding a new LUN to Tru64

2006-12-22 09:00:00

As I promised a few days ago I'd also give you guys the quick description of how to add a new LUN to a Tru64 box. Instead of what I told you earlier, I thought I'd put it in a separate blog post instead. No need to edit the original one, since it's right below this one.

Adding a new LUN to a Tru64 box with TruCluster

1. Assign new LUn in the SAN fabric.

No something I usually do.

2. Let the system search for new hardware.

hwmgr scan scsi

3. Label the "disk".

disklabel -rw $DISK

4. Add the disk to a file domain (volume group).

mkfdmn $DISK $DOMAIN

5. Create a file set (logical volume).


6. Create a file system.

Not required on Tru64. Done by the mkfset command.

7. Test mount.


8. Add to fstab.

vi /etc/fstab

Also, if you want to make the new file system fail over with your clustered application, add the appropriate cfsmgr command to the stop/start script in /var/cluster/caa/bin. tags: , , , ,

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