New project: security assessment of a home security system

2016-08-24 20:58:00

(C) Kerui Secrui

Recently I've been seeing more and more adverts pop up for "cheap" and user-friendly home alarm systems from China. Obviously you're going to find them on Alibaba and MiniInTheBox, but western companies are also offering these systems and sometimes at elevated prices and with their own re-branding. Most of these systems are advertised as a set of a central panel, with GSM or Wifi connection, a set of sensors and a handful of remotes.

Between the apparent popularity of these systems and my own interest in further securing our home, I've been wanting to perform a security assessment of one of these Chinese home security systems. After suggesting the project to my employer, Unixerius happily footed the bill on such a kit, plus a whole bunch of extra lovely hardware to aid in the testing! 

For my first round of testing, I grabbed a Kerui G19 set from AliExpres

I'm tackling this assessment as a learning experience as I have no prior experience in most of the areas that I'll be attacking. I plan of having a go at the following:

The last item on the list is the only one I'm actually familiar with. The rest? Well, I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Has research like this been done before? Absolutely, I'm being far from original! One great read was Bored Hacker's "How we broke into your home". But I don't mind, as it's a great experience for me :) tags: , ,

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