Starting preparations for RHCSA

2013-02-21 22:31:00

Well, this is a first. Sometime soon, my Macbook will be booting another operating system than Mac OS X for the very first time in its life. Sure it's run Solaris, Fedora and Windows! But that was using Parallels virtual machines...

In order to prepare for the RHCSA certification I will need to learn about setting up virtual machines on a physical Linux box. And since we don't have the €200-€300 to buy a test box (which I'll only use for these two exams) I'm stuck using my primary laptop. That means I will be taking notes locally on Linux, which should be a cinch using the Evernote web interface.

I just hope that running CentOS on an external USB 2.0 drive hooked up to my 2008 laptop won't be too slow to work with :) tags: , ,

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