Study plan for 2013: continued education

2012-12-21 06:03:00

Because I like to keep work and my private life very much separated, I usually try to do as little IT stuff at home as possible. "Work is work, home is home", I often say and so far it's made for a pleasant balance between the two where I don't take home too much stress. But, as much as I dislike it, being in the IT workforce means there is a very real need for continued education. So every once in a while I will do a huge burst of studying in one go, to achieve a specific goal or two. Case in point: 2010's CISSP certification.

However, said CISSP certification means that I will now need to start using a different approach in my continued education. I can no longer work with infrequent bursts, as I need to obtain a certain amount of CPE credits every year. Which is why I broke out the proverbial calculator and did some math to determine what I should do on an annual basis to retain my CISSP. Instead of huge bursts of work, I will now be spreading out my studies.

Which is why I made the following planning, for my 2012/2013 studies.


Again, with many thanks to my colleague Rob for making the final needed suggestion to get me to sort out the CPE calculation. And to my coach in being my sparring partner in all of this. tags: , ,

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