BOKS: Demystifying the user FLAGS field

2011-11-28 00:00:00


The BoKS database can be an interesting place to poke around, "mysterious" at times. For example, there's the enigmatic "FLAGS" field which resides in table 1, the user data table. Among the usual user information (name, host group, user class, password, GID, UID, etc) there's the "FLAGS" field which contains a numerical value. What this numerical value represents isn't clear to the untrained eye.

The "FLAGS" number is a decimal representation of a hexadecimal number, where each digit represents a number of flags. The value of each digit is determined by adding the values of the flags enabled for the user. You could compare it to Unix file permission values, like 750 or 644, there each digit is an addition of values 1, 2 and 4 (x, w and r).

Below you'll find a table of the flags that can be set for any given user account.

Max. valueF3E3

Flag MSD     LSD
User deleted - - - 1
User blocked - - - 2
Timeout not depend on CPU - - 2 -
Timeout not depend on tty - - 4 -
Timeout not depend on screen - - 8 -
Windows local host account - 1 - -
Windows domain account - 2 - -
Lock at timeout, no logout 1 - - -
User must change password 2 - - -
Manage secondary groups 4 - - -
Check local udata 8 - - -

So for example, a value of 16386 equals a value of 0x4002, which means that the user is blocked and that BoKS is used to push his secondary group settings to the /etc/group file on each server. tags: , ,

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