Putty crash upon password change

2011-05-11 00:00:00


Recently we have been running into an interesting problem between BoKS 6.5.3 (FoxT Server Control) and Putty.

Situation: End user's password has expired and must be changed upon login.

Symptom: On password change, Putty crashes with the error "Incoming Packet was garbled on decryption. Protocol error packet to long".

Cause: Unknown yet.

Temp solution: Set customer's last password change date to very recently (eg: modbks -l $USER -L 1), then have customer login and change the password manually (eg: passwd).


Earlier we reported a bug that would make Putty crash when trying to change your password upon login. The rather cryptic message provided by Putty was: "Incoming Packet was garbled on decryption. Protocol error packet to long".  Here's an update on that matter.

A number of FoxT customers logged calls about this problem, among others 110216-012399.  After investigating,  FoxT's reply in this matter is:

BoKS Master: If you already have TFS090625-101616-1 installed on the Master but not TFS081202-134416-3 (i.e. rev 3) you may want to uninstall TFS090625-101616-1 temporarilly and then install TFS081202-134416-3 and TFS090625-101616-1 (in that order).

BoKS Replica: Hotfix 090625-101616 does indeed contain the corrections from 081202-134416 (rev 3). Thus hotfix 090625-101616 is sufficient on the Replicas in this case.


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