Kendo kyu exams at Renshinjuku Almere

2012-02-04 14:48:00

Ten months after our dojo's previous exams we held kyu-grade exams today. This time around the group of people was a lot smaller, but things were still just as chaotic as last year. First off I started putting on my bogu, while we were not supposed to wear it during the exam. Then I had my zekken on, which was supposed to be off. Then I'd forgotten to switch to my kendo glasses. And finally, minutes before my test, I discovered that I was still wearing my wedding ring! Messy =_=

Today we had one person testing for fifth kyu, three for fourth (including myself) and three for third. The exams were as follows:

In general I thought my test didn't go badly and I was feeling more confident than during my first exam. However, there was plenty of stuff that wasn't great. Sensei tells me that I graded for fourth kyu, but that third kyu would require a lot of hard work.

The biggest problems seen in my kendo today were:

Martijn also remarked that, while my kiai sounds good, it's not supported by focus or strong body language. tags: , ,

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