Kendo kyu exams at Renshinjuku

2011-04-09 21:46:00

Today was an odd day at our dojo in Almere, not because of the examinations, but because of the atmosphere surrounding them. Usually we have a very strict schedule and everyone's pretty serious, but not today. Before the ceremony began there was lots of talking and joking inside the dojo, which by itself is pretty rare. But after the ceremonies were completed and the trainers were deliberating there was a lot of horseplay as well. Very weird, if like me you're used to a stern ambience. 

Anyway, the exam proceedings were cool! The students were lined up in groups, based on which grade they were testing for. First up were the mukyu, those without rank who were going for gokyu, which's a group of eight (myself included). We had to display men uchi, the basic strike for the head, in both the "large" and the "swift" versions. Of course we needed to show proper posture and form, as well as good kiai and fumikomi. The other groups were going for...

The groups for gokyu and yonkyu were also given a short written test, to verify our knowledge of basic kendo terminology and concepts.

In the end we were all allowed to pass our grades, to everybody's pleasure. Our most experienced student Charel also received his official ikkyu ranking, which he was tested for nationally earlier this year.

Personal feedback I received today was:

  1. I am showing clear progress.
  2. My posture in kamae is not nearly threatening enough.
  3. My upswing is cut short when I feel I am in a hurry. tags: , ,

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