2006-07-25 09:34:00

Right now I'm working on getting my Sun systems properly monitored through SNMP. Using the LM_sensors module for Net-SNMP has gotten me quite far, but there's one drawback. A lot of Sun's internal counters use some really odd values that don't speak for themselves. This makes it necessary to read through Sun's own MIB and correlate the data in there with the stuff from LM_sensors.

Point is, Sun isn't very forthcoming with their MIB even though it should probably be public knowlegde. Nowhere on the web can I find a copy of the file. The only way to get it is by extracting it from Sun's free SUNWmasfr package, which I have done: here's SUN-PLATFORM-MIB.txt

In now way am I claiming this file to be a product of mine and it definitely has Sun's copyright on it. I just thought I'd make the file a -little- bit more accessible through the Internet. If Sun objects, I'm sure they'll tell me :3 tags: , , , ,

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