Using SNMP with Solaris and Sun hardware

2006-07-26 16:25:00

After digging through Sun's MIB description (see SUN-PLATFORM-MIB.txt) it became clear to me that things are a lot more convoluted than I originally expected. For example, each sensor in the Sun Fire systems lead to at least five objects each describing another aspect of the sensor (name, value, expected value, unit, and so on). Unfortunately Sun has no (public) description of all possible SNMP sensor objects so I've come to the following two conclusions:

1. I'll figure it all out myself. For each model that we're using I'll weasel out every possible sensor and all information relevant to these sensors.

2. I'll have to write my own check script for Nagios which deals with with all the various permutations of sensor arrays in an appropriate fashion. Joy...


For your reference, Sun has released the following documents that pertain to their SNMP implementation. Mostly they're a slight expansion on the info from the MIB. At least they're much easier on the eyes when reading :p

* 817-2559-13

* 817-6832-10

* 817-6238-10

* 817-3000-10 tags: , , , ,

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