NLUUG: we had a good day

2010-05-06 22:33:00

Ehhh. Ehhh... *shrug* I've got some mixed feelings about today.

While my presentation's reception was at least more than lukewarm, our exhibitor's booth was pretty damn quiet. It might've been the location, it might've been the backdrop, it might've been my suit... I dunno. I think we spoke to maybe ten people who weren't ex-colleagues or acquaintances of mine. So, nothing spectacular, but a good day nonetheless.

The great thing about today is that I finally got to meet Adri (a regular reader of my blog and a fellow father-of-a-1.5-year-old-girl) in person. *waves* Thank you very much for the great book you brought me Adri! It's awesome! ^_^ tags: , ,

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