How exciting! I'll be presenting at NLUUG

2010-01-31 07:46:00

The NLUUG logo

Yesterday I received an email from the NLUUG (dutch Unix users group) conference bureau:

Dear Thomas,

We have received your abstract for the NLUUG spring conference 2010. We would like to thank you for your submission and your patience.

It is our pleasure to inform you that your abstract has been chosen by the program committee to be presented on May 6th.

Holy carp! This means that I'll be getting on stage, in front of 50-200 Unix admins, my peers if you will. The last time I got in front of a big crowd it was thirty high school juniors, so this is going to be just a -little- bit different. =_=;

Yeah, this is a little scary, aside from being uber-exciting :) tags: , ,

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