Hacking BoKS 6.5 to run on Fedora

2010-01-10 15:10:00

The past few weeks I've spent a few hours here-and-there, trying to get BoKS 6.5 to run on Fedora Core 12. Why? Because FoxT's list of supported platforms only has commercial Linuxes on there. The last free version on there is RedHat 7. I've asked my contacts at FoxT whether they're looking at converting BoKS for free Linuxes, like Fedora.

Unfortunately my efforts were only partially successful. I've used the base BoKS 6.5.2 package for RHEL, which requires a few tweaks to make it work. In the end I got SSH and SU to work properly, but "su -l" and telnet don't work. You can telnet into the Fedora box, but it's never checked for authorization, though servc on the master does receive the request. Also, "su -l" fails immediately with the message "su: password incorrect" without even asking for my password.

I've compiled a list of about a dozen tweaks and extra packages that are needed to get to this point, but I'm far from having a proper BoKS client on Fedora.

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