Network configuration on Red Hat and Fedora WTF?!

2009-12-05 22:10:00

Why the frag does the IPv4 networking setup on Red Hat and Fedora Linii need to be so damn complicated? I've just spent half an hour Googling to find the right commands to ensure that my Fedora 12 VM in Parallels configures its eth0 at boot time. Seriously, compare the two:

Solaris 10:

1. Enter hostname and IP in /etc/hosts

2. Enter hostname in /etc/hostname.ni0

3. Enter network base IP and netmask in /etc/netmasks

Fedora 12:

1. Run system-config-network. Fill out all details.

2. Enter hostname and IP in /etc/hosts

3. Enter hostname in /etc/sysconfig/network

4. Set "ONBOOT" to yes in /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0

5. Run: chkconfig --level 35 network on

Seriously, who the fsck comes up with that last line?! I already have the network startup scripts in /etc/init.d and everything in /etc/sysconfig is set up and I -still- need to enable the network config to be loaded at boot time? WTF?! A few years back I had the same fights with setting up static routes that needed to be carried over reboots.

I fscking hate Red Hat. tags: , ,

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