Submitted a bugfix to fix a BoKS bugfix

2009-09-24 10:17:00

This morning I discovered a bug in one of FoxT's "hotfixes" (aka patch, bugfix) for BoKS 6.0.x. Maybe the problem exists for other BoKS versions as well. The hotfix in question is TFS 061016-115513 which enables BoKS 6.0 to work with the ssh_pk_optional authentication method. Before this hotfix you were forced to use either password or SSH key authentication, but never both. With the hotfix applied you can now use SSH key authentication, but fall back to password if the keys are missing.

Anywho... I found out that on Solaris 10 the hotfix does not actually replace all necessary files if you run BoKS 6.0. Here's the list of files that get replaced:

Sol10 = boks_sshd, mess.eng

Sol8 = boks_sshd, mess.eng, boks_servc_d, method.conf, plus a few GUI forms.

After conferring with BoKS-guru Wilfrid at FoxT it seems that the patch will treat Solaris 10 as client-only systems, which sucks when you're appying it to a replica or master server. In order to fix a Sol10 replica/master you'll need to manually copy the files from the Sol8 part of the fix to their intended destinations. This should work without any problems as Sol10 is fully backwards compatible with Sol8. tags: , ,

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