Coming up: a refresh of my Nagios and Tivoli plugins

2009-09-14 19:35:00

For the longest of times my Nagios plugins have used a rather oldfashioned approach to configuration: everything's hardcoded into the script and you'll need to modify the script to make changes. Obviously that sucks if you want to use the script for multiple purposes. My newer scripts all use command line flags and parameters to pass variables, making them a lot more versatile. Hence I will soon be rewriting all my Nagios plugins for this particular purpose.

I will also be changing their individual pages, putting the plugin back into its own .ksh script instead of including the code into the HTML page. Whatever was I thinking when I did that?!

Finally, I will also modifying all plugins (also the new ones) to work with multiple monitoring systems. By passing a certain command line option one will be able to chose between modes for Nagios and Tivoli, with possible extensions along the way.

I've got my work cut out for me! tags: , ,

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