Published three new BoKS admin scripts

2009-09-12 23:01:00

The past few months I've been working on some BoKS scripts. Let's say that my daily job's inspired me to write a number of scripts that I just -know- are going to be useful in any BoKS environment. I've got plenty ideas for both admin and monitoring scripts and finally I'm starting to see the fruits of my labour!

All of these scripts were written in my "own" time, so luckily I can do with them as I please. I've chosen to share all these scripts under the Creative Commons license which means that you can use them, change them and even re-use them as long as you attribute the original code to me. I guess it sounds a bit like the GPL.

Anywho, for now I've published three scripts, with more to come! All scripts can be found in the Sysadmin section of my site, in the menubar. So far there are:

1. boks_safe_dump, which creates database dumps for specific hosts and host groups.

2. boks_new_rootpw, which sets and verifies new passwords on root accounts.

3. check_boks_replication, a monitor script to make sure BoKS database replication works alright.

As they say in HHGTTG: Share and enjoy! tags: , , ,

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