Great minds think alike

2006-10-03 23:31:00

This goes to show that the proverb above is right: Joerg Linge, whom I met at NagKon 2006, just e-mailed me. He mentioned that right around the same time we had both come up with a similar solution to one problem.

The problem: use Nagios plugins through a normal SNMP daemon.

Our solutions were identical when it came to configuring the daemon, but differed slightly when it comes to getting the information from the client. The approach is the same, but while he uses Perl for the plugin, I use Bash ^_^

Life's little coincidences :)

Joerg's solution and write-up.

My solution and write-up.

Anywho... Joerg's a cool guy :) Go check out his website and have a look around. tags: , , ,

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