Dabbling with SQL

2008-07-17 08:46:00

Bwahah, this is priceless :D

Yesterday I'd spent an hour or two writing a PHP+SQL script for one of my colleagues, so he could get his hands on the report he needed. We have this big database with statistics (gathered over the course of a year) and now it was a matter of getting the right info out of there. Let's say that what we wanted was the following:

For four quarters, per host, the total sum of the reported sizes of file systems.

Now, because my SQL skills aren't stellar what I did was create a FOR-loop on a "select distinct" of the hostnames from the table. Then, for each loop instance I'd "select sum(size)" to get the totals for one date. But because we wanted to know the totals for four quarters, said query was run four times with a different date. This means that to get my hands on said information I was running 168 * 4 = 672 queries in a row. All in all, it took our box fifteen minutes to come up with the final answer.

On my way to work this morning a thought struck me: I really ought to be able to do this with four queries, or even with -one-! What I want isn't that hard! And in a flash of insight it came to me!

SELECT hostname, date, SUM(size) AS total FROM vdisks WHERE (date="2007-10-03" OR date="2008-01-01" OR date="2008-04-01" OR date="2008-07-01") GROUP BY hostname, date;

The runtime of the total query has gone from 15 minutes, to 1 second. o_O

Holy shit :D I guess it -does- pay to optimize your queries and applications!

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