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Some of my favourite iPhone apps (2)

2010-01-31 06:57:00

iPhone app icons

A little over a year ago I made a list of iPhone apps that I found particularly good, just to share the love. These applications are much better than most of the 140k apps available and, though all of them are paid-for apps, they are well worth getting!

AirVideo, stream video from your Mac/PC to your iPhone/iPad. It supports -ALL-video formats, by performing live conversion, so you can watch -anything- on the go!

Comics, buy and read comic books. Reading is made a very nice experience, because the app takes things one image at a time instead of dumping the whole page on screen.

Dropbox, I've written about this before. It allows me access to my onion file storage, which is synced to all my Macs/PCs. I read comics with the above Comics, watch anime with AirVideo and I read manga and PDFs using Dropbox. What a team!

Zombieville USA and OMG Pirates!, both great side-scrolling fighters by MikaMobile. Zombies, ninjas and pirates, what else do you need?!

Minigore, a frantic, top-down shooter. Easy to pick up, difficult to master.

Orbital, a relaxing and great looking puzzler. Again, easy to play, yet very hard to master.

Sudoku unlimited, for all I care the -best- sudoku app because of its "Newspaper" theme. Looks great, plays great.

So, from the list it should be apparent that I play a lot of games on my iPhone. These games are great for a short pickup-and-play during small "cigarette breaks" at the office and during my daily commute.

Mind you, now that Apple have introduced their new iPad I imagine some great productivity tools to come out as well! tags: , , ,

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Using emoji on the iPhone

2009-02-04 08:38:00

A screenshot of the emoji keyboard

Hooray for Japanese silliness! For years now (I've no clue when this got started) emoji have been a staple of Japanese cellphone culture. Combining cuteness with typing efficiency, the Japanese implemented a system involving smileys and dozens of other icons in their keitai. One can cut down on the amount of words tremendously by simply stringing together a few of these symbols to form a semi-sentence.

Or as Ars Technica member Palad1 puts it:

I'm 0.59 GBP poorer but about 12.2315% hipper now that I can text the wife ":metro: :home: :cat: :sushi: :hotmonkeysex: ?". Thanks Ars, for helping me in my eternal quest for marital nooky!

There are multiple ways of getting emoji to work on your iPhone, though all of them require firmware version 2.2 or higher. Unfortunately the emoji keyboard is invisible per default outside Japan, but using apps like Typing Genius - Get emoji ($0.99) one can enable the option in System Preferences. tags: , , ,

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Some of my favourite iPhone apps

2009-01-07 18:07:00

A few logos

I've had my iPhone for a few months now and can seriously say that I do not ever want to part with it! To me it's a phone, web browser and games platform in one, with a big bunch of very handy applications thrown in. I've got about fifty apps loaded, but there's only a few that see daily use. I thought I'd highlight them over here, because they deserve some extra credit :)

In no particular order, they are (where possible links go to dev site, not appstore):

* NetNewsWire, all my RSS feeds on the go.

* Trein, trip advisor the dutch railways.

* TapTap Revenge, a free rhythm game.

* WhiteNoise, loads of soothing background sounds.

* Maps, Google Maps on the go.

* BeeTagg, clean and fast QR Code reader.

* SHOUTcast, >25.000 Internet radio stations on 3G.

* Kana, training me on kana.

* YouTube, duh :p

* World Subway Maps, photos of subway maps (like Tokyo).

The past few weeks my iPhone has really proven itself as my awesome assistant at home, at the office and on the road. I never liked full fledged PDAs or "smart phones", but for me iPhone is the perfect mix of "dumb and smart phone" :) tags: , , ,

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