My strategy for this semester and the next

2007-12-08 12:21:00

I'm going to have to fit in various "unwieldy" tasks, that will not fit properly into my normal agenda. Among others, I'm expected to make multiple visits to schools: to talk to students, to teach classes, etc. Given my normal day job this is simply impossible. I've also fallen slightly behind in a few areas, so I'm going to have to shuffle things around to make it all work.

This semester:

* I have to finish last semester's General didactics, or I'm going to fail it completely. That would mean I'd have to completely redo the course next year.

* I've already dropped the maths part of Analysis 1 in order to make room for other stuff.

* I'm going to postpone my work for SLB and WER, after conferring with my teacher. She understood my need to make room in my schedule.

* I will finish both Kijk op leerlingen and Analysis 1 - Didactics on time.

Next semester:

* I'll drop the second year's Counseling and mentoring project, so I can take it next year. That ought to free up enough time to finish this semester's SLB and WER and to tie up any loose ends. tags: ,

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