College curricula are -also- mixed bag

2007-09-19 07:35:00

About a week ago I remarked how college books are mixed bag. Some of them seem really good, though others are almost crap.

Well, the whole mixed bag deal also goes for the course curricula themselves apparently. On Monday a big discussion broke out during SLB1 about the courses' contents. Marjan thought there was too little theory, Karin though teaching by examples is great, Wouter though the maths was too easy, Badegul thought the maths were too complicated. And here I was, loving all of college, thinking everything's just right. (transcription)

The points me and Hans tried to make were these:

* College has to cater to the lowest, common denominator. During their first year they have to take a whole bunch of -very- different people and ready them for the following years. You simply can't be very specific in your teachings during the first year.

* Isn't college about going out and finding the answers for yourself? If an assignment uses terms that you don't understand, shouldn't you go investigate? Or at least talk to the docent?

At least it's good to know that I'm not the only one still adjusting to college :D tags: , ,

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