Basic ICT skills: Powerpoint Presentation And Slidecast

2007-09-18 08:16:00

Every freshman at Hogeschool Utrecht is required to take a class in Basic ICT skills. The class teaches both young and old about the learning infrastructure in place at HU. Classes cover everything from using Powerpoint and Word, to using the online tools Sharepoint and Osiris.

While I fully agree that this course is an important one, I do feel it's a bit wasted on me. I've been in IT for seven years now! ^_^ I've worked with Sharepoint on at least two occasions before and Osiris is really quite simple if you RTFM.

Since the Basic ICT skills class interferes with two of my other classes, I'm trying to get a Get out of jail free! card. I've spoken with my mentor at school and she asked me to do one of the bigger assignments: a Powerpoint presentation introducing myself. Naturally I complied, seeing as how I'll have to give presentations later on in the school year as well. Might as well create the master slides and templates now, right? ;)

And here it is! Sorry 'bout the dutch, all you USAdians...

Click here for the introduction.

Hmm... The text is quite illegible in the clip that's shown on this page. Things are much better if you download the clip and watch it on its own. You can download it from here, by grabbing tags: , , ,

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