A summary of "Lesgeven en zelfstandig leren"

2007-10-27 14:16:00

In my first year at Hogeschool Utrecht I will follow a few second year's courses, to speed up my studies. One of these second year courses is Project Vakdidactiek, which concerns the didactics behind teaching maths.

As part of this course we are also required to take a test labeled Algemene didactiek (general didactics). This test is based on materials we study in Vakdidactiek, but also on the book Lesgeven en zelfstandig leren, by Geerlings and Van Der Meer.

As part of my preparation for this exam I've composed a summary of the three relevant chapters.

My summary is compiled as a 30+ .PDF document. You can download my summary here.

We are also required to read parts of Leren op school, by C.F. van Parreren. As an aside we have also covered various learning styles as defined by American psychologist Kolb.

This summary is also available as a .PDF document. You can download my summary here.

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