Slugging through my homework

2007-09-08 19:10:00

Wow, this is a lot of work :)

Yesterday I raced through a large part of my first dossier assignment for Statistics 1. The didactical part of the course, that is. I'm about halfway through that assignment, though what remains will take more effort than what I did yesterday.

How do I know this? Because the second part of that assignment requires that I work through each maths assignment that I picked for my report. And judging by today's progress through the other part of Statistics 1 (the real maths), I'm going to need a long while.

My homework for Monday said that I'd need to study paragraphs 1.0-1.3 and 1.4-1.6. Sounds rather simple right? Well, it looks it too, since each paragraph is only two pages. However, looks can be deceiving since so far I've needed about an hour-and-a-half per paragraph! Ouch!

Talk about underestimating the workload! Tonight's gonna be an all-nighter.

Luckily, productivity blog LifeHacker provided me with something useful today! They posted about the why and how behind power naps. I took one this afternoon before studying and I'll take another one around 20:00.


Meanwhile, the cat's asleep on her pillow. She's actually snoring! That's so cute! <3 tags: ,

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