Getting my Canon scanner to work (n650u on Mac OS X)

2007-09-05 21:45:00

Please let the record state that Canon are a bunch of f-ing toolboxes when it comes to their scanners. More specifically, when it comes to using their scanners in Mac OS X. Some of their older models are completely unusable, although there are tricks, rituals and voodoo that may get you varying results.

I've fought a few times to get my N650u to work.

I need to scan some stuff for school. Since I cannot drag along my Powermac (which runs the Classic Canon tools) I've fought my Macbook for an hour or so tonight. I tried all the crap that's out there, but Canon's software's crap. So I caved in and bought Vue Scan. Thankfully it's come down in price since the last time I wrote about it.

At least I can use the bill for VueScan to get a tax write-off, since it was a purchase made for school. *sigh* tags: , ,

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