Holy shit! That's a lot of work!

2007-09-04 22:14:00

A screenshot from Schoolhouse 2

Holy crap! I just entered all of my homework and such for the following few weeks. The screenshot to the left is my current ToDo list in Schoolhouse 2. You probably can't see it very clearly, but it boils down to the following.

Due in one week -> Read about five chapters, make all relevant assignments.

Due in two weeks -> Read about six chapters, make all relevant assingments. WRITE FIVE REPORTS!


Now I'm off to bed. For now I'll stick to a regimen where I do schoolwork both before and after my normal, sysadmin work. So there's a bit in the early morning and the rest is between 1900 and 2200.

Like I said earlier today: I've good reason to be nervous!

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