Listen up. Here's da plan...

2006-08-08 16:52:00

Because I've got all kinds of things lined up for me to do, I'm going to put them into order. That way both you and I will know what to expect. Here's my priorities:

1. Make the requisite changes to my website, so that it plays nicely with search engines. This shouldn't be more than an evening or two of work (barring any reruns of Doctor Who on BBC3).

2. Study for my two LPIC1 exams.

3. Revive the manga and anime section of the website. This needs regular updates, so I'm going to have to think of a few nice things to add to this. I'm thinking "reviews"... It's also meant to give me a couple of days off between studying for my four exams.

4. Study for my two LPIC2 exams.

5. Move other parts of the website into the mySQL database as well.

6. Improve the PHP code that gets data from the database. It could be much cleaner, safer and efficient.

7. Build some form of CMS for myself, so I don't have to work in the database manually.

So there you have it boys! The next few months of my life lined out for ya.

Parallel to da plan I will keep on expanding the Sysadmin section with new stuff I discover every week. And I will try to fit in a week or two of vacation somewhere along the line. I have a big bunch of video games that I finally want to finish! tags: , , ,

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