Well, today's the first day of school!

2007-09-03 07:27:00

Wow! Today's the first day of school and it already feels rather different! I went to bed around 2130, read for an hour, then slept like a brick. And I woke around 0700, instead of the usual 0600 on workdays. This actually feels rather nice! Combine that with yesterday and I'm feeling rather relaxed!

You see, yesterday I was feeling really worked up because I hadn't studied yet, nor done any of my maths revision like I said I would. Too much time had gone into this site's redesign and after that I was just too busy socially. Of course, getting worked up in this case was counter productive: how much could I do in just a few hours?

So instead I decided to follow the sage advice of my wiffums and some of my friends: I relaxed. After taking Marli to work I went back to bed, read a lot, slept a bit and chomped away half a tube of Pringles. So yea, it may have been a "horrible" evening, but IMHO it was "great".

I'm sorry that I had to blow of Peter's invitation for a walk though. He was reaching out to me, but I didn't go. I'll go and visit them this week...

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