Tips from Stef Heinsman, our director

2007-08-31 11:40:00

On the 30th of August 2007, Stef Heinsman opened the new academic year at Instituut Archimedes. All freshmen for the tweedegraads docent course attended an introductory meeting, welcoming them to their new school.

Surprisingly, our director/rector Stef Heinsman had some interesting tidbits for the crowd. It wasn't the expected, useless ramble :)

The three most important lessons from his own past:

  1. Always attend lectures and sessions.
  2. Don't postpone your work.
  3. Be stubborn when you can afford it.

By attending lectures you build a solid relationship, both with your teachers and your fellow students. You will also remain emerged into the whole spirit of school and teaching, ensuring your continued enthusiasm.

By not postponing your work, Stef is convinced that you will build confidence in your own competences. By taking the same tests and projects as your fellow students, at the same time, you will realize that they're in the same boat. Things may be hard for you, but there are other people in the exact same situation.

At times you'll be convinced that your own approach to a certain situation is the best one. Don't feel forced to take the teacher's approach and verify your own opinions. Become autonomous, allowing you to do your own work when you need to.

Combining these three factors will help you with your motivation. It's what you're going to need when things get a little rough around the edges.

In conclusion, Stef also asks us to take care of our selves. Don't lose your health, don't burn out and make sure that things are fine at home. Because the people at home are your strongest foundations.

He also suggested that you should teach something that you enjoy. By doing that you'll not only convey knowledge, but also enthusiasm! tags: , , ,

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