Nagios script: check_named

2006-06-01 00:00:00

This script was written at the time I was hired by UPC / Liberty Global.

Basic monitor to check whether BIND is up and running. It checks for a number of processes and tries to perform a basic lookup using the localhost.

This script was quickly hacked together for my current customer, as a Q&D solution for their monitoring needs. It's no beauty, but it works. Written in ksh and tested with:

A Critical is sent if:

A) one or more of the required processes is not running, or

B) the script is unable to perform a basic lookup using the localhost.

UPDATE 19/06/2006:

Cleaned up the script a bit and added some checks that are considered the Right Thing to do. Should have done this -way- earlier!

# DNS / Named process monitor plugin for Nagios
# Written by Thomas Sluyter (nagiosATkilalaDOTnl)
# By request of DTV Labs, Liberty Global, the Netherlands
# Last Modified: 19-06-2006
# Usage: ./check_named
# Description:
# This plugin determines whether the named DNS server
# is running properly. It will check the following:
# * Are all required processes running?
# * Is it possible to make DNS requests?
# Limitations:
# Currently this plugin will only function correctly on Solaris systems.
# Output:
# The script returns a CRIT when the abovementioned criteria are
# not matched.

# Host OS check and warning message
if [ `uname` != "SunOS" ]
        echo "WARNING:"
        echo "This script was originally written for use on Solaris."
        echo "You may run into some problems running it on this host."
        echo ""
        echo "Please verify that the script works before using it in a"
        echo "live environment. You can easily disable this message after"
        echo "testing the script."
        echo ""

# You may have to change this, depending on where you installed your
# Nagios plugins

print_usage() {
	echo "Usage: $PROGNAME"
	echo "Usage: $PROGNAME --help"

print_help() {
	echo ""
	echo ""
	echo "Named DNS monitor plugin for Nagios"
	echo ""
	echo "This plugin not developped by the Nagios Plugin group."
	echo "Please do not e-mail them for support on this plugin, since"
	echo "they won't know what you're talking about :P"
	echo ""
	echo "For contact info, read the plugin itself..."

while test -n "$1" 
	case "$1" in
	  --help) print_help; exit $STATE_OK;;
	  -h) print_help; exit $STATE_OK;;
	  *) print_usage; exit $STATE_UNKNOWN;;

	if [ `ps -ef | grep named | grep -v grep | grep -v nagios | wc -l` -lt 1 ]; then 
		echo "NAMED NOK - One or more processes not running"
		exit $exitstatus

	nslookup localhost >/dev/null 2>&1
	if [ $? -eq 1 ]; then SERVICE=1;fi

	if [ $SERVICE -eq 1 ]; then 
		echo "SQUID NOK - One or more TCP/IP ports not listening."
		exit $exitstatus


echo "NAMED OK - Everything running like it should"
exit $exitstatus tags: , , ,

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