Hacking NIS+ and BoKS

2004-11-17 18:25:00

Holy moly, what a weekend! I can tell you guys right now that the procedure I wrote for switching NIS+ master servers is NOT fool proof! We had planned to only take about four hours at a max, for switching both NIS+ and BoKS over to a new master server. Unfortunately it turned out that we would only get to spend one hour on switching NIS+ until things went horribly sour.

In the end I spent a total of eightteen hours in the office on Saturday and Sunday. I'll spare you the gory details for now (I'll incorporate them in version 2.0 of the master switch procedure).

But God, what a weekend! And the way it looks now we'll be repeating it in a week or so...

Aniwho... I'm still trying to put as much time as possible into my work for the convention, but it's going slowly. I plan on spending every free minute of coming thursday on my Foundation work though. That should get me along the way nicely.

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